What are cookies?

Cookies are text files which are stored on a computer system via an Internet browser. Many cookies contain a so-called cookie ID. This cookie ID consists of a character string by which Internet pages and servers can be assigned to the specific Internet browser in which the cookie was stored. This enables the websites and servers to distinguish the individual browser of the person concerned from other Internet browsers that contain other cookies. An Internet browser can be recognized and identified by its unique cookie ID.

Why do we need cookies?

By using cookies, Sensile can provide website-users with more user-friendly services that would not be possible without the setting of cookies. By means of a cookie, the information and offers on our website can be optimised. Cookies enable us, as already mentioned, to recognize the users of our website. The purpose of this recognition is to make it easier for users to use our website.

Do I automatically agree to the cookies when I visit the website?

Before you can visit our website, you must indicate in the appropriate pop-up (the window that appears on your first visit) which cookies you agree to. This is the so-called cookie “opt-in"-variant. This expressly enables you to exclude certain cookies.