Our employees speak out

Our employees speak out

Christoph, Head IT

"I have frequent contact with customers, or employees who are our customers - I appreciate that."
"I have frequent contact with customers, or employees who are our customers - I appreciate that."

When did you join Sensile Medical?

I started working at Sensile Medical in October 2014 - 3.5 years ago.

What is your role as Head of IT?

In my role, I'm responsible for ensuring IT operations, infrastructure (hardware and software), network, and security. My tasks include team management and budget responsibility.

What do you particularly like about your work?

It is very diversified. Every day looks different, which sometimes makes planning more difficult.

Why do you like working at Sensile Medical?

On one hand, there are open people and collegial interaction among each other. When I applied here, I was attracted by the opportunity to work for a start-up – on the other hand, there's a lot you can do here. When I started, there was practically no infrastructure. I was able to help shape and build up everything. Sensile Medical has grown enormously.

What requirements does this place on IT?

In IT, you usually work with a plan for the next three years, which is why we were able to prepare for growth. The increase in the number of employees can now be felt above all in system utilization. We are therefore planning to increase capacity and performance by the summer. At this point, it should also be mentioned that everything is done in-house. We currently operate around 40 virtual servers and have no cloud solutions.

How do you describe the atmosphere at Sensile - in the company? Or our culture?

I experience the atmosphere as very open and collegial, i.e. the employees are open to new ideas and extroverted. We live a "you" culture, which also involves flat hierarchies. You meet at eye level, no matter who you talk to. In addition, honest dealings are cultivated.

What would the perfect IT environment look like in your opinion? What goal are you working towards?

First and foremost, the goal is for the company to be successful. The ideal state of IT is when you don't even feel it - when operations run smoothly and all employees are satisfied.

What kind of people fit well within Sensile Medical?

People who are open and honest, who also want to move and change something fit well within Sensile Medical. Particular, people who work independently and like to take the initiative.

Alexandre, Senior Technology Manager

How long have you been working at Sensile Medical?

Soon 12 years - since August 2007

What responsibility does your job entail?

As Technology Manager, I am responsible for :

  • Ensuring the long-term technical development of Sensile
  • Ensuring satisfactory technical support during the project acquisition phase
  • Takeover of sub-projects in the field of pumps and materials
  • IP management

What do you enjoy most?

Project management of technologically demanding tasks. Close cooperation with the customer and everything that has to do with mechanics, fluidics and materials.

What has changed at Sensile Medical lately?

  • We have products on the market and have successfully left our start-up phase behind.
  • As we have been part of Gerresheimer since mid-2018, we now  have a direct contact for the design of the disposable with many years of expertise right from the start.

What do you value about Sensile Medical?

  • The products include a full range of technology: mechanics, fluidics, electronics and software in a design that can be manufactured over a million times.
  • You are close to development and also close to the customer
  • The progress of development can be seen almost daily
  • The location is marvelous

What was your most impressive experience at Sensile Medical so far?

There is no one experience for me but the development of the specific technical challenges in projects combined with the team successes are always the best experiences.

Noy, Head HR

"Anyone who works at Sensile Medical does not want a 9 to 5 job, is ideally a doer and must be aware of the opportunities and risks in a company that is changing from a start-up to an SME. »
"Anyone who works at Sensile Medical does not want a 9 to 5 job, is ideally a doer and must be aware of the opportunities and risks in a company that is changing from a start-up to an SME."

How long have you worked at Sensile Medical?

I started in 2007 and worked as an Executive Assistant until 2009. Then there was a break, and since August 2013 I'm back at Sensile Medical in the HR department.

What is it about your work in HR that particularly appeals to you?

I appreciate the intensive contact with people. I like the interface work between employer and employee. A company can very well offer a top product or a great service, but without motivated and meritorious employees, the company will not be successful in the long term, which is why I think that professional human resources management is a very important success factor.

What do you particularly like about Sensile Medical?

I got to know the company in its early days, and I am now experiencing the transition phase from start-up to SME. It's impressive to witness this development. You can help shape it and contribute to the success of the company. I also find our products meaningful and promising - our vision "Building Bridges from Drugs to Patients" is inspiring. Last but not least, the employees of Sensile Medical make the company special : "I enjoy working with them very much, even though the sun is not always shining.

You are involved in the recruitment process for new employees. What criteria do you use to assess someone as suitable for the company - in addition to on-the-job requirements?

We are in the middle of a phase of change, the first products are being launched - an interesting but also challenging time. Everyone has to want to get involved, work and think across teams. Great flexibility is required and you have to feel comfortable in a dynamic working environment. Another decisive factor is whether you fit into the team. They don't all have to tick the same, in my opinion, it's more important to complement one another.

What else does your area of responsibility include?

In principle, the core mission of the HR department is to provide the right number of employees at the right time and in the right place. In addition to recruiting, this also includes personnel administration including social security. We are also the primary point of contact for employees for both professional and private problems. In the future, I would like to move increasingly from classical personnel management to the "Employee Life Cycle". This means that employees should be able to perform at their best from day one until they leave the company. This, in turn, would mean that we would be looking more closely at the question of how and what conditions we can create as an employer so that employees can make the most of their commitment (keyword: employee support and development).

How do you describe the working climate at Sensile Medical?

Basically, I think that the teams work well together. However, due to the strong growth in a short period of time, you can see that certain fences have been built. Uncertainties can also be felt since the structures are not yet consolidated, and an overarching corporate culture has yet to develop. We are currently working on establishing such a culture.

How would you describe Sensile's work if someone from your environment was looking for a job ?

We work in an exciting and dynamic environment. It's a manageable company with great employees who complement each other well. A great deal of knowledge is brought together under one roof here. You can learn a lot, shape a lot and get involved. We also offer good working conditions.

Oskar, Chief Security Officer (CSO)

"We all work with friendly and motivated people."
"We all work with friendly and motivated people."

How long have you been with Sensile Medical?

My services have been used since the day I moved from Hägendorf to Olten. Like many Sensilians, I joined the crew in 2017.

What are you responsible for?

I am there to look good. I have an admittedly somewhat special blue skin color and yes, I've already heard that not everyone thinks I'm equally pretty, but art, as you know, is something to argue about, but that's just a nice side effect. In my main task, I monitor the entire reception area - from my workplace right next to the entrance door, I have a good overview.

Have there ever been dicey situations?

Apart from the two false fire alarms in a week, it's quite civilized here.

What else is there to see?

Of course, I see all the visitors walking through the main entrance. Our customers are international and come from all over the world, which I always find very exciting - the same applies to our suppliers, who also visit us regularly. Even candidates who come for an interview "have to" pass me until they register at the reception desk. Sometimes it is very exciting to observe how the candidates behave until they are picked up for the interview.

So you get to see a lot of what happens with us. How do you feel about discretion or can you tell us a secret?

Discretion is part of my job: nothing will be divulged. What I can say is that Sensile Medical is in an exciting phase, especially with the launch of our first products. This is a great milestone for us. I'm looking forward to it.

What do you like about your job?

There's always something going on and there's always something to see and hear, because our employees are so diverse. Mostly German or English is spoken. I also see almost all of our employees every day who either come to pick up their visitors or visit our Garden Café for their well-earned lunch or coffee break. The reception area with its equipment and furnishings is very dynamic, and I like to be able to work in such an environment.